FINAL-LOGO-PINNACLE-HR--600pxWant to take the next step in your career? 

We are looking for talented individuals to join our team.


Interested?  See below for the entire job listing. If your skillsets match, we would love to hear from you – be sure to send a resume and a cover letter.

What is it like to work at Pinnacle IT?  Well, here are some quotes from us!

“At Pinnacle we use the latest tools on a variety of interesting projects. The developers stay sharp by teaching and learning at our weekly “Lunch and Learn” sessions. Add in top-notch hardware and the ability to work remotely and it doesn’t get much better.”  Floyd

“At Pinnacle IT, we are given lots of creative freedom, with the ability to work on cool projects using the latest development technologies. Add supportive management, smart coworkers, and the ability to work from home part time – it is a great place to work.” Greg

“One of the many benefits of working at Pinnacle IT is that you get to work and research a wide variety of current and cutting-edge technologies. This, coupled with a terrific collaborative environment, makes working here very exciting.” Lillith

“I enjoyed working for Pinnacle because I received gratitude for my work on a regular basis. A lot of my work uses MVC on the .NET 4.0 and 4.5 frameworks. It is great to be working with the latest technologies whenever possible. I have even been able to use modern JavaScript libraries such as Knockout.js.” James

“Abraham Lincoln said “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Here at Pinnacle IT, we are a part of a team that innovates solutions for tomorrow’s problems. Pinnacle fosters a culture of creativity and proficiency in a way that makes you excited to show up for work each and every day.” Fallon

“Working at Pinnacle IT means that you will always be learning and have the ability to use the latest technologies and equipment. Add that to working with an exceptionally talented, supportive, and fun team and you have a wonderful work environment. Whether you are working remotely from home, on site for a client, or at the Waterville office there is always someone available to offer help and advice when you find yourself looking at a unique issue.” Liz

Pinnacle IT is recruiting Senior Developers to bring their skills in .NET and SQL Server programming to our projects.  The work at Pinnacle IT is varied, interesting and empowers you to grow your programming and project management skills. As a Senior Developer, you will create unique business solutions for clients across Maine and beyond, and be inspired to build innovative software solutions custom-tailored to the needs of each company and built to rigorous standards.

The successful candidate will design, modify and implement software applications, working independently or with the support of Pinnacle IT’s team of expert developers and IT network specialists. You will work in a creative and productive environment that encourages change, new ideas, and professional development.  You will be challenged!

Pinnacle IT is searching for candidates who are positive, very bright and innovative, and who enjoy solving tough problems for our clients. We are highly selective and seeking the right fit not only technically but also with our team.  If you have a burning desire to prove your programming mettle and take your career to the next level, you could be the ideal candidate for us.  If your programming skills are joined by knowledge of business practices, leadership skills, and project management experience, you could be the ideal candidate for us.

Best of all, you have the choice of working from home or the office 4 days a week, unless you are at a client site.  Some travel may be required on a project-by-project basis. Currently on Thursdays we all gather at the Waterville office for “Lunch and Learn” sessions.

Benefits include – but are not limited to – health, expense reimbursement, participation in an Simple IRA plan, paid holidays, vacation and sick time, Planet Fitness membership, and support on obtaining certifications…. and the experience of working with fun, welcoming Pinnacle IT employees.

Desired skills and experience for working at Pinnacle IT include:

5+ years – .NET – must have written and/or maintained applications using MVC, VB, ASP, C#, and/or Visual C++.

5+ years – Ability to design databases according to 3rd normal form for SQL, PL/SQL and others.

3+ years – Ability to develop and work with applications (both web and desktop).

3+ years – Understanding of agile development and other development methods, as well as project management.

2+ years – SQL Server – familiarity with SSMS, SSIS, SSRS.


Bluefinity’s MV.NET
Windows Forms

Dev Tools:
Visual Studio
Multiple Unit Test Frameworks
Infragistics Ultimate Components
Install Shield

SQL Server
MS Access

Source Control:

SQL Server Reporting Services
Crystal Reports

Visual Studio Online
MS Azure
SQL Server Integration Services

James Sturtevant HR