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Running one of the largest medical centers in Maine is a huge responsibility, and the data requirements are intense.

Pinnacle has been providing and continues to provide Software Engineers and programming staff onsite at the organization’s headquarters in Bangor, ME. Our onsite staff works on whatever is needed at the time, including database development, server support, and reporting services.

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Pinnacle provides and enhances internal business application support including:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Reporting
  • Loan Management
  • Grant and Scholarship Management
  • Online Application Processing
  • Linking systems using ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations.

Technologies used:

  • .NET WPF
  • Classic ASP
  • SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server Reporting Services


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2014 Mingle Analytics




Mingle Analytics contacted Pinnacle IT for assistance with the web portal that allows clients to login and submit data for analysis. Their client facing site is written in classic ASP. Because of the technology, it is unable to take advantage of current security technology and lacks in the dynamic interactivity of modern web sites.

Pinnacle IT is bringing its expertise in both areas to aid in Mingle’s effort by updating the interfaces with Web API, ASP.NET and Angular. Pinnacle IT is in the process of converting the client facing site in ways that will give both Mingle Analytics and their clients more features, easier submissions, authentications and enhanced security.

Pinnacle IT is also revamping the backend data with updated processes that will nearly eliminate the need for manual adjustments to data through performance optimization, flexibility in client file import processing, and quality in the development process.

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MD&B 2014




When Maine Drilling & Blasting had one of their key IT professionals leave the company, they called on Pinnacle IT to assist them with the transition in order to keep crucial systems such as payroll up and running.

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Cianbro new
Cianbro contracted with Pinnacle to provide Excel programming support.


Michael Dow – Cianbro IT
Pinnacle is “professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with … comes through for us every time.”


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Prior to White Rock Distilleries being sold, Pinnacle IT provided on-site support and programming services in 2007 and 2008.  Pinnacle was instrumental in providing supplemental programming support, working side by side with a brilliant group of in-house programmers to prepare the system for going live.


Phil Pedro – Director of Information Technology
White Rock Distilleries, Inc.

“White Rock Distilleries has used Pinnacle Development Group extensively over the last several years to augment our own in-house development team.  The resources Pinnacle supplied to us have played integral roles in a major ERP system re-write, data integration projects with outside suppliers, financial systems analysis and development, and many other tasks.  Pinnacle’s staff have all been seasoned professionals, with excellent analytical, development, and communication skills.  They integrated seamlessly with our I.T. development staff and end users, and finished work on-time and on budget.  Pam has worked with us to address both short and long term project staffing requirements, and we have been very pleased their responsiveness to our needs.  Pinnacle is a valued business partner whom we envision using often in the future.”


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Prior to MBNA being purchased by Bank of America, MBNA relied on Pinnacle software engineers, analysts, programmers, and project managers to develop and maintain several systems used within the bank.

Pinnacle designed major systems, including a ‘central listening’ control database used throughout their call centers and an application and job tracking database, among many others.

Pinnacle also provided on-site programming staff to assist MBNA’s IT Department when requested.