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Virtual and Remote Office Implementations

Increase Productivity and Save Money


Virtual Office implementations often seem like an overwhelming consideration. With the assistance of an experienced IT partner such as Pinnacle IT , a thorough business assessment, clear and measurable workflows, and properly addressed policy issues, business owners can feasibly move toward the Virtual Office.

Virtual Office is a strategy that addresses employee retention and absenteeism and improves productivity. Research shows that an average increase in productivity of 30% can be expected from full-time employees who work from home.

On average, a company can save more than $1,000 for office space and utilities per employee that no longer reports to a centralized office.

Some companies have been able to reduce the physical headquarters to a minimal staff with only meeting facilities; the rest of their employees work from home. Over the long term, the cost savings can be considerable.

Today‚Äôs workers are busy developing relationships in the virtual environment. In time, they will also expect to work within it. Let the experts at Pinnacle IT work with you to develop a plan to improve your business’s productivity and save money.

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