Fork 4   Expert IT Support Services for Veterinary Practices

Your veterinary practice cannot afford downtime due to equipment failures, software glitches or disasters.  You need an understanding, experienced and caring partner to keep you helping those that need you.

Pinnacle IT has the right people to support your technology needs.

Veterinary practices are busy caring for those who cannot care for themselves. The last thing you need to worry about is the specialized equipment your practice depends on breaking down due to a glitch in the technology.  Let Pinnacle IT free you to do what you do best – care for your patients – while our qualified IT staff keeps everything working smoothly.

Our dedicated IT support staff have considerable experience with many industry-specific software and hardware systems and provide support and services, including disaster recovery, that include (but are not limited to):

IDEXX Cornerstone upgrades, maintenance, installations, backups, reporting services/customizations and migrations to/from VIA Database

IDEXX lab equipment installations, driver updates, and integration services

VIA Infosys upgrades, maintenance, installations, backups, reporting services, and migrations to/from IDEXX Cornerstone

Sound Eklin digital X-Ray system and server support, maintenance, hardware and software upgrades

Customized PACS Storage solutions, hardware and software upgrades, and cloud or offsite backups

Disaster recovery for IDEXX, VIA Infosys, and Sound Eklin workstations/servers

VPN and Secure remote access solutions to VIA and IDEXX databases and client applications

PACS Server maintenance, upgrades, backups, and replacement

Ultra High Resolution Digital X-Ray viewing station support, installation, maintenance and sales

Abaxis lab equipment support and maintenance: (VetScan VS2, VetScan HM5, and VetScan VS pro)

RX Label printer installations, RX label alignments and support (Zebra and Dymo)

Dental Aire – Dental X-ray solutions, installations, maintenance, and integrations

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Stephanie Monk HR