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Take the Proactive Approach to Keeping Your IT Systems at Peak Performance.


Pinnacle IT provides complete support solutions, saving you money and time by providing you with dependable, quality IT Network Support.

Pinnacle IT technicians are highly experienced, trained and certified in multiple technologies. Even if you consider yourself a non-technical person, we will make sure that you understand the ways that Pinnacle IT fixes your problems and meets the needs of your business.  Support is available On-Site, Remotely, By Phone or By Email when you contract with us.

Read below to learn how we can assist your business, then Contact us for a free consultation.

Real Time Remote Monitoring Services for Network Devices

Pinnacle IT provides real-time remote monitoring for critical hardware and services. Our IT support technicians can provide immediate support services the moment alerts are received. Our extensive remote monitoring systems, combined with our expertise, allows us to avoid and minimize downtime in the event of a technical issue.

Networking and Infrastructure Support

Pinnacle will maintain, manage, install and upgrade your entire network and all of its related components, including but not limited to:

• Servers
• Network Attached Storage Devices and Backup media
• Security & Biometric components
• RoutersCisco CNS logo 2
• Switches
• Hubs
• Wireless access points, bridges, and repeaters.
• Cabling (Cat5e and Cat6)
• Wiring Hubs and Closets
• Patch Panels
• Network Architecture & Design – LANs and WANs

Pinnacle helps organizations like Maine Network for Health, B&L Auto Parts, Lucerne Veterinary Hospital, Maine Public Broadcasting and Johnny’s Selected Seeds, by providing them with solid solutions for their hardware and software needs to ensure their businesses are running efficiently.


Backup, Recovery and Disaster Management Planning

It’s time consuming to monitor and manage backups, especially tape backups. Our monitoring system has an extensive module dedicated to reporting and monitoring backups in real-time. You can easily track jobs and produce reports on restorations. We offer solutions to upgrade legacy tape backup systems to a variety of on-site digitized backup solutions (including NAS & SAN devices), as well as cloud-based backup solutions and on premise/cloud hybrid backup solutions. We proactively schedule validations of your backup media through mock restorations of your critical data to ensure your backup processes work effectively and efficiently in the event of a disaster.

Asset & Inventory Management

Our inventory management module automatically scans your network to develop an inventory of desktops, servers, hardware and software. Inventory items can easily be added or removed as your network evolves. Periodic automated network based scans (using IPv4, IPv6, & SNMP) can also determine what changes have been made since the last scan and update your inventory accordingly.

Patch Management

Our systems scan your networks for security holes, missing service packs, critical windows updates, firmware and BIOS updates, automatically delivering the updated patches. Our highest priority is keeping your network and all of its components current and up to date. We have and/or will develop a close working relationship with any manufacturers and vendors you rely on to ensure updates are scheduled and released in the least disruptive manner to your business.

Malware, Spyware, Anti-Virus Protection and Removal

Our intrusion and detection servers run seamlessly in the background to protect against malware, spyware, viruses and worms. If a machine is compromised, we will know immediately and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue before further damage can be caused to your other network-connected devices. We have highly customizable TrendMicro servers in place that allow us to offload the bulk of the burden of real-time scanning to our servers, instead of using up valuable CPU and memory resources on your individual workstations and servers.

Workstation Management

Preventive service for PC and Macs makes it easy to handle virus problems, spyware issues and patching:

• Anti-Virus Management
• Patch Management 
• Spyware Management


Asset and Inventory Management
Bandwidth / Resource Monitoring and Throttling Services
CISCO and Sonicwall Network Device configuration and Optimization
Content Filtering (Applications and URLs)
Firewall Management
Infrastructure Installation
Intrusion & Detection Monitoring / Reporting
LAN/WAN Support
Monthly Executive Summary Reports
Network Design and Architecture
Packet and Port Monitoring Services
Network-Wide Diagnostics and Testing
Print Server Integration and Management
Remote Access to Network Appliances
Support Portal for End Users

Active Directory Administration
Antivirus & Malware Support
Email Administration
Event Log Management
Hard Disk Space Management
Hardware / Software Inventory Management
Hardware / Software Procurement Services
License and Key Management
Malware / Virus Cleanups
Managed Service Backups
Memory Utilization Management
Monitor CPU Utilization
Monthly Executive Summary Reports
Patch Management
Remote Access Services
Server Performance and Uptime
VPN Administration and Support

Antivirus and Malware Support
Content Filtering (Applications and URLs)
Hard Disk Space Management
Hardware Support
Operating System and Application Support
Memory Utilization Management
Microsoft 360
Monitory CPU Utilization
Operating System and Application Support
Patch Management and Update Services
Performance Optimization
Purchase of Equipment

Archive Management and Recovery Support
Data Destruction Services
Onsite Backup Services
Offsite Remote Backup Services
Periodic Data Integrity Tests of Archived Data