Touch Every Life started as a small Diabetes Task Force with the NovaHealth IPA and evolved into a straightforward and strategic approach to improving the care and the health status of patients with chronic care needs. Touch Every Life combines the human touch with information technology, sharpening the clinical focus on quality of care while reinforcing the enormous positive potential of great physician-patient relationships.

Today, physicians and caregivers utilize the Touch Every Life program to address the needs of patients with diabetes and, more recently, asthma.

A beginning: Few patients with diabetes know their ABCs

Diabetes offered the perfect challenge to blend healthcare and information technology to create a new, more robust, chronic care model.

The information gap is breathtaking. Few patients with diabetes know their current HbA1c levels, blood pressure, or LDL cholesterol values – the critical ABCs of health in treating this disease.

The impact of improving ABC numbers is also dramatic. For example, every 1% point decrease in A1c results is a 12% decrease in risk of stroke and a 14% decrease in risk of MI. Since two out of every three diabetes-related deaths are caused by heart disease or stroke, the need for a bold new approach is unquestionable.

The Touch Every Life Registry

The first step of building a database of all patients with diabetes energized physicians and staff toward the effort. As ABC data was collected or identified as deficient, the easy access to this information began to guide and empower decision-making at the doctor-patient level.

Progress Notes mirror office visit flow and streamline the clerical process.

Progress Notes include evidence-based guidelines to support decision-making.

Lab results can be directly imported into the registry to reduce data entry and improve accuracy.

Additional report capabilities allow for comparative data on multiple levels:

Payer specific reporting capability

Multiple data point reporting

Web-based for secure, remote access

Tracks setting of self-management goals

Tracks collaboration with ADEF resources

Tracks use of risk assessment tools

Allows for pre-loading of patient demographics

TEL is a Pathway for all Chronic Care Challenges

It’s important to understand that the TEL program is a framework that’s not limited to caring for patients with diabetes. We have developed a TEL program for treating patients with asthma and can develop other versions that will be used to create patient registries, allowing caregivers to contact groups of patients with similar needs and deliver planned care and educational sessions.

The TEL concept has several advantages:

Manage the patient population

Track patients who are overdue for office visits

Track patients overdue for testing

Track patients who are out of range for goals

Decision support at the point of care

Report quality results to health plans

Chronic Care Patients Succeed When You Touch Every Life

The Touch Every Life Registry implemented with a diabetes team care concept has improved the percent of the population achieving evidence-based ABC targets. Easy-to-use, simple, and highly effective, Touch Every Life chronic care registry is ready to be applied to your chronic care efforts.


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