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Wyeth - Main Screen

Pinnacle worked with the world-renowned Farnsworth Museum in Rockland to develop an interactive online environment known as Three Generations of Wyeth Art,which is best described as an interactive, multimedia computer-based tool that combines art, education and technology in an informative and highly accessible format.  One of the many interactive learning components is a virtual gallery where museum patrons, students and art scholars can create and ‘hang’ their own exhibition, selecting from hundreds of images of Wyeth art.

This unique software application is breaking new ground in arts education at a national level.

Wyeth - Virtual Gallery 1

Virtual Reality Galleries

Select from a list of past and present exhibitions installed in the museum’s Wyeth Center or create new exhibitions from hundreds of images stored in the database.


Wyeth - Virtual Gallery 2

Move through the three-dimensional gallery where paintings may be selected from the gallery walls and magnified to many times their actual size, allowing the artist’s techniques and brush strokes to be analyzed as never before.



Wyeth - Three Generations

Learn About the Wyeths

View video footage about each artist along with biographical text that provides valuable and highly personal insight into the artists’ lives and careers. Includes clips from home movies, artist interviews, and family photographs.


 Wyeth - Research DatabaseWyeth Research Database

Research the works of three generations of Wyeth artists using biographical, bibliographical, and exhibition information. Go “back in time” and “behind the scenes” to learn the artist’s motivations and environment at the time the painting was created or shown. Many selected articles from newspapers, magazines, and exhibition catalogs are available as scanned images.  In many cases Andrew and Jamie Wyeth have provided insightful and informative narratives regarding their works.

 Wyeth - Compare TechniquesCompare Artist Techniques

Compare up to three works of any one artist or a combination of the three. Such comparisons such as color, perspective, medium, and subject matter challenge analytical abilities and attention to detail.



 Wyeth - Name the ArtistName the Artist

Race to match the correct artist to a randomly selected painting within five seconds.




Wyeth - Challenge screen

The Wyeth Challenge

One or two players answer challenging multiple choice questions about the Wyeths in a Question and Answer game modeled after tic-tac-toe.


Wyeth - Create a Story

Story in the Painting

Select from hundreds of paintings and create stories based on interpretations.




Wyeth - Adjective

Match an Adjective to a Painting

Choose from numerous paintings and adjectives to match word to image.




Wyeth - Create a Painting

Create Your Own Painting

Explore and experiment with creating and printing your own masterpieces using art software.



Wyeth - Farnsworth building

Learn About the Farnsworth Museum

Learn about the history of the Farnsworth, from the original Homestead to the museum’s library, galleries, and education and research centers.