MD&B 2014




Maine Drilling & Blasting is the leading provider of drilling, rock blasting and related specialty services in the United States, and one of the largest of its kind in North America. With the controlled use of explosives, they drill and blast rock for foundations for homes, business developments, bridges, roadways, mine raw materials for concrete and asphalt, divert rivers and streams,  prep work for construction of hydroelectric projects, pipelines and wind towers, drill the holes to set utility poles and sculpt ski slopes.


We all have to track our products.  How many, how much, product cost, profit margins… the list goes on.  Tracking product can be difficult but when you have to track exactly where and how much product you have at any given moment, the problem becomes even more difficult. Maine Drilling & Blasting had all of these problems and more.  MD&B must follow government mandated tracking of every single ounce of their product.  At any given time they need to be able to tell someone how much product they have and where it is, even if it moved across the room.  With so little room for error, MD&B turned to Pinnacle IT to help solve this difficult problem.

Pinnacle worked closely with MD&B to gather requirements and understand the regulations that they had to follow.  Being able to track every movement of the product, validate accuracy and have an efficient way for their workers to enter data were key to success.  To provide efficiency Pinnacle helped MD&B develop an intuitive interface that allowed for quick searching and filtering of products.  Pinnacle helped integrate custom validation to help the users of the application and minimize error. Using Microsoft SQL Server, Pinnacle IT developed a custom database that allowed for tracking of every ounce of product.


Tracking all of the data is important but it is no good if you can’t report on it effectively and on demand.  Using Microsoft Reporting Services, Pinnacle gave MD&B the ability generate reports on the fly and schedule reports for monthly and quarterly purposes.  Using these reports MD&B can gain insight into the current state of products at any given moment.

Pinnacle IT delivered a critical and complex application. The application gave MD&B the ability to track how many and how much – down to the last ounce.  Contact Pinnacle IT to find out how we can help you get your return on investment in critical LOB applications today.