Pinnacle IT has located its offices in one of the most beautiful,
vibrant cities in the state of Maine.

welcome to waterville


Our headquarters in Waterville is a stone’s throw from the mighty Kennebec River, which was the economic driver for the community when the city was founded.

The convergence of the cities and the rivers have great meaning today, as our leisure time allows us more opportunity to use the rivers and the surrounding areas for recreation: world class opportunities for boating, fishing, and other water sports abound in both these areas. The mid-Maine area is truly a four-season mecca: from swimming, golfing, cycling and other fair-weather outdoor pursuits, to the whole range of activities winter offers, there is always an outdoor recreational activity to enjoy.

Maine is known for its gorgeous scenery from rocky-topped mountains to craggy oceanside cliffs, but Waterville offers immense cultural opportunities as well, from museums to colleges to live music and theater. Visit the City of Waterville’s page for more information on why we chose to locate here, and we hope you’ll agree this community offers fantastic opportunities for personal, professional, and lifelong growth and happiness.

Giffords outing 2015



Please click below to view a short informational video about the beautiful Waterville area: